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Guaranteed pick up service

Guaranteed pick-up service for reliable and timely pickup

When it comes to collecting your vehicle, our guarantee pick-up service sets the standard for dependability and punctuality, unlike the expedited option, this service concentrates solely on guaranteeing that your vehicle is picked up on the precise date you select, providing an exceptional degree of convenience and peace. We have a professional and careful approach to ensuring on-time pickups. We realize the importance of keeping to your schedule and aim to do what it takes to suit your exact time window.


Recognizing the difficulties concerned in guaranteeing pick-ups is certainly a challenging procedure that requires considerable effort and time, we fully understand the complexity and value of careful planning and devotion and the amount of coordination involved.

To ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience we kindly advise you to reach out to us ahead of time, preferably close to your desired pick-up date. This allows us to reserve the necessary resources and allocate the required time to discuss the specifics of your pick-up.


BAH Logistics firmly believes in providing realistic expectations rather than making false promises. By contacting us in advance you can be confident that we will work carefully to accommodate your needs while considering the circumstances, such as location, and other essential factors that influence the feasibility of your pick-up.